La Magnanerie

Furnished Holiday Villa

41, chemin de Brinde

84240 Ansouis

Owners : Michel & Anna VERITER-MAGNAN


Covid 19 : Security – Special measures at La Magnanerie


In these exceptional times, La Magnanerie adapts to the circumstances, for the benefit of the tenants, while ensuring a maximal protection for all people involved in caring for the property.


All governmental measures and general recommendations regarding public health will of course be applied during your stay.


La Magnanerie is an isolated property. Therefore you will not come across people who are not involved in the good functioning of the property.


If you wish to welcome visitors during the day, please be careful and ask them to apply security measures while visiting.


Our tenants should strictly respect established arrival and departure times on the change-over day:


-           Arrival:  no sooner than 3 p.m.

-          Departure: at the latest 10 a.m.


This 5 hour break will allow a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises as well as an adequate aeration in between a departure and an arrival.


While in contact with the person welcoming you and wearing a mask, please also wear a mask.  Moreover, we recommend that you and all members of your party frequently and carefully wash their hands with soapy water during your whole stay. You may also use hydro-alcoholic gel as an alternative if needed.


Hand soap will be available for you during your stay.


Cleaning Instructions to prevent the propagation of COVID-19


The kitchen, bathroom, toilets, door and window handles, taps, stair railing, floors,  kitchen counters,  sunbeds, TV remote controls, outdoor chairs…, will be carefully cleaned with disinfectant (bleached water) before each new arrival.


If you use disinfectants, please note that the septic tank should not receive any bleach or other disinfectant (please throw them away outside, far from plants, (along Chemin de Brinde for example).


Textiles, such as curtains, bedspreads, sunbed mattresses covers… will be disinfected with a steam cleaner/disinfectant.


The swimming pool Is disinfected with chlorine. We will ensure that the percentage of chlorine is optimal and the filtration time will be longer for a higher protection.


Article 11 of hiring conditions: cancellation


In case of cancellation of your stay less than 2 months before you arrive, the amount of the down-payment will be retained by the owner.


However, if the tenant is unable to arrive on the hiring premises due to government regulatory measures (quarantine, isolation, unauthorized travel etc) the owner commits himself to reimbursing all sums received.


Useful addresses:




U Drive PERTUIS LES PRES VERTS : 11.90 km - 1110 Route d’Aix - 84120 PERTUIS

Tel : 04 90 08 87 53

Drive Monday through 8 a.m. to 9 p. m.


L’Hyper Market home delivery:

CENTRE COMMERCIAL DU LUBERON à 8.0 km - Boulevard Jean Guigues - 84120 PERTUIS

Tel :  04 90 09 32 00

Drive Monday through 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sundays:; 8 :30 a.m. – 1 p. m.


Vivalsuperette  pl St Elzéar, 9  Bld des Platanes 84240 ANSOUIS - Tel 04 90 68 18 62 à 1 km


SPAR –groceries– superette - Bld du Nord - Cucuron 84160 - Tel. : 04 93 86 33 15 à 4.5 km


Local products and take away food:


Memo :


Emergencies national phone numbers:


·         18 Fire Brigade

·         112 european emergencies number

·         15 SAMU : medical emergencies

·         17 Police / Gendarmerie

·         0800 130 000 Infos Coronavirus



Pertuis Hospital - CH Intercommunal Aix-Pertuis - 58, rue Croze – 784120 Pertuis

Emergencies Tél : 04 90 09 42 02

Hospital : 04 90 09 42 42




Dr Christian AMAT, Médecin Généraliste à 1 km – PLACE ST ELZEAR - 84240 ANSOUIS

Téléphone : / - Sur RDV du lundi au jeudi de 8h à 11h


Dr BERLENDIS Daniel ,Médecin Généraliste à 5.23 kms 6 AVENUE JEAN MOULIN - 84530 VILLELAURE

Téléphone :  04 90 09 14 40


Dr DURAND José, Médecin Généraliste à 5.24 kms 14 PLACE SAVOURNINE - 84530 VILLELAURE

Téléphone : 04 90 09 14 39


Dr ROZENCWAIG Franck, Médecin Généraliste à 5.93 kms 8 RESIDENCE LES VAUREILLES - 84160 CUCURON

Téléphone : 04 90 77 16 05


Dr AUDIBERT Monique, Médecin Généraliste à 6.01 kms 15 COURS POURRIERES - 84160 CUCURON

Téléphone : 04 90 77 14 32


Dr Christian GASIOR, Médecin Généraliste à 10 kms - 8 AV GAMBETTA / 18 PL MIRABEAU - 84160 CADENET

Téléphone : 04 90 08 55 55


The above contents are based on information made public. We do not provide any warranty, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any such contents made available for any purpose.

Any reliance on this information is the responsibility of the tenants.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at La Magnanerie.