Rental address: V.C. 101- Brinde l'Abouaud - 84240 Ansouis - Vaucluse - France


Owner: Michel & Anna Veriter-Magnan

Drève des Agaves, 1/B

1070 Brussels - Belgium


Thank you for reading this file regarding our hiring conditions entirely before sending your payment.

In this document, you need to understand that "the owner" is the effective owner or his representative.


General info


The property is rented to accommodate maximum 6 adults and 2 children and a baby.  It is equipped with 2 double beds, 2 single beds and a baby cot + high chair. It is rented furnished with a flat screen television (satellite international multiple programs).


Bed linen and household linen (sheets, blankets, pillowcases, kitchen tea-towels, hand & shower towels) are provided except for the swimming pool/sunbeds towels. Gas (LPG bottle), water, electricity, swimming pool and garden maintenance are included. The swimming pool is naturally heated by the sun.


In 2018, rentals will start on June 2nd and will end on September 15th


Hiring rates in euros per available week in 2018






































































The indicated rates do not include the tourist tax (1eur/adult/night) nor the mandatory cleaning/laundry costs at the end of your stay, which amount to 80,00 Euros per stay.


1. Hosting capacity


You may reserve the property for a maximum of 6 adult and 2 children.

The rented property must never be occupied by a higher number of people than what was indicated to the owner at reservation time, except if prior agreement is given by the owner in writing.

Please note that it is forbidden to set up a tent on the property grounds.  Any form of camping is strictly prohibited.


If the number of adults/children, upon arrival or during the stay, exceeds the maximum capacity indicated in our conditions or the number of people communicated at reservation time, the owner will be able to break the hiring contract (without refunding the tenant) and prohibit access to the property, or claim a supplement to paid per additional person and per week.






2. Duration of the hiring


The property is rented for a minimum of one week, the change-over day being a Saturday.


3. Owner’s obligations


The owner is responsible for the good delivery of the rented place, in particular with respect of the information contained in the description. He commits himself to deliver the building, material and the installations in a state of good maintenance and to provide the services and the equipment as arranged, in particular to maintain the garden and the swimming pool and to ensure the correct operation of the installations and appliances.


On the arrival day, the owner or his representative will wait for the tenant in principle as of 3.00 p.m. or at the agreed time and will give him all useful information to facilitate and ensure a pleasant stay. In the same way, for the departure, the time for leaving will be agreed between the tenant and the owner, at the latest 10 .00 a.m.


4. Tenant’s obligations


The tenant commits himself to use the rented place with due diligence and to ensure that all people of his party will do the same.  He commits himself to respect the rented place and to return it in the state it was at the time of his entry.


He is responsible for degradations and loss which happen because of him or of the people of his party, during the period of stay. 

 This clause also applies to the furniture, household linen, curtains, accessories… and to the property and its contents in general.

 If necessary, the guarantee will be used to charge:


-       the value of broken or damaged items

-       the price for washing or cleaning  blankets, mattresses, bed linen etc. which will have been stained.


The customer must use the pieces of furniture and objects furnishing the house in the way they are intended to be used and in the places where they are. He should not transport them out of the rented place or move them from their initial space.


 The tenant must absolutely refrain from throwing out in the wash-basins, sinks, WC, bath, shower etc… anything likely to block the drains or to disturb the correct operation of the septic tank (no bleach, solvents or other aggressive products non compatible with a septic tank), or else he will be charged the expenses caused for the repair of these installations.


The tenant will have to allow urgent repairs if necessary, in order to maintain the rented place and common equipments in good order.

Twice a week, the tenant will allow free access to the pool for its maintenance.  The garden will be maintained every 2 or 3 weeks.


It is strictly forbidden to organize receptions (ex marriage...) by inviting people who are not mentioned in the contract or to have activities which will disturb the calmness of the place.


The cooker and the plancha work on gas (LPG gas Bottle). In case the gas bottle is empty the tenant will proceed to its replacement by another bottle found on the premises. (See the available GUIDE on the premises) In this case, he will inform the owner, at the latest on the day of his departure, so that the replacement of the empty bottle by a new one may be taken care of.


5. Inventory, cleaning and fire


- An inventory is established and available at your arrival. You can easily check it and signal possible remarks or corrections to the owner/representaive within 48 hours following your arrival.  This inventory constitutes the only reference in the event of disagreement regarding the state of the place.


-The cleaning of the place will be taken care of before your arrival and the beds will be made.

During his stay the cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility. Cleaning personnel could be obtained upon request.


- Fires are strictly prohibited and the barbecue should be used with caution and its lid closed after use to avoid fire hazards.


6. Insurance


The property is offered insured by the owner but this insurance does not cover the tenant in the event of theft of personal objects or accidents of their own do.  An insurance for their vacation and Civil liability must be owned or taken by the tenant, who will provide its certificate before his arrival.


7. Tourist tax


The tourist office “Durance Luberon- Cotelub” charges a tourist tax that we have to collect from you.  The rate is: 1 eur/night/adult. Children under 18 are not concerned.


8. Reservation    


The usual procedure of reservation is as follows and is usually done by e-mail.


·    Tenant: requests availability, communicates name, address, phone n °, number of people and age of children/baby if any.

·    Owner: sends the lease agreement, usually by email or by post.

·     Tenant: sends back to owner,  by email or post,  the rental contract completed and signed with the mention “read and approved”.

·    Owner: sends back to tenant a contract signed by him, by post or email.

·    Tenant: sends down payment by bank transfer to the account of the owner. This down payment accounts for 25% of the amount of the rent. The expenses of the transaction (sending and reception outside EU) are the whole responsibility of the tenant.

·    The reservation will be effective only upon reception of the amount of the down-payment on the account of the owner. Reception of this payment will be acknowledged by the owner.


9. Animals


Animals are admitted upon prior written agreement with the owner at reservation time.


10. Payment of the rental balance.


The balance of the rental will be paid to the owner either 8 days before your arrival by bank transfer or at the latest at the time when the keys are be handed in to the tenant and in this case it will be by a French cheque.

The balance of the rental will include the compulsory cleaning/ laundry expenses and the tourist taxes for the tourist office.

A refundable guarantee of 1000,00 Euros will be paid at the same time as the rental balance.  It will be entirely refunded, at the end of the stay – after the complete inventory and the cleaning – if no damage leading to repairs is discovered or at the latest 10 days after the end of the stay if the cost of the repair must be evaluated and deducted. The cost of replacement of the various items which were damaged or lost is available from the owner upon request.


11. Cancellation


In the event of cancellation more than two months before the date of the beginning of hiring, the amount of the deposit of reservation will be retained by the owner unless in a case of “force majeure” motivated and well-documented is provided. For a later cancellation, no refund will be possible, even if it is due to a cause beyond control and the down payments will be entirely retained by the owner.


12. Interruption of the stay


In the event of an interruption of the stay by the tenant, no refund will be granted, even if this interruption is due to a case of absolute necessity.


13. Arrival and departure


On the day of arrival of the tenant, the owner or his representative will be there to welcome the tenant and hand in the keys. He will indicate the procedure concerning the various appliances and will answer the tenant’s questions.


The tenant should communicate complete information regarding his arrival (time of arrival, mobile telephone n°...) so that the owner can organize the reception.

 The meeting place between the owner and the tenant will be the rented property.


The villa is available on the first day according to the contract starting from 15.00 and must be released the last day before 10.00 a.m.


As mentioned earlier, a thorough cleaning at the end of the stay will be organized after the departure of the tenant who is requested to restore the place in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

The cost of the cleaning/laundry is kept as low as possible provided that:

the optional use of the barbecue or of the plancha is necessarily followed by its cleaning by the tenant who has used them,  in the same way as the dishes will be done and put away and the garbage taken to the provided disposals nearby.


Putting all utensils where they belong will allow a fast inventory.


14. Use of swimming- pool


According to the law, the swimming pool is equipped with a device to prevent the drowning of children. The occupants must respect and make respect the rules as required by legal texts, available on the premises. Respecting the rules is within their own competence and they will be held responsible if they do not respect them. The owner will under no circumstances be held responsible for the non-application or for the non-respect of legal regulations and conditions of use recommended by the manufacturer of the security device.


A security device does not replace the vigilance of responsible adults, who must constantly and actively watch young children.  Adults in charge must read and know the security instructions of the installed device, which insures protection for young children only when active. A young child must never be let alone by the pool, even for a few moments and must be supervised at all times.


The tenant will receive from the owner, as an annex to the rental conditions, the precise regulations regarding the security device of the swimming pool, on the day of his arrival, together with the keys.


15. Accepting the conditions


The tenant recognizes having read and understood, at reservation time, the general rental conditions there above. Unless otherwise declared in writing by the owner, the present general conditions prevail over any other conditions and arrangements.




NOTICE: a short GUIDE is available on the premises. Please read it attentively as soon as you arrive: it will help you avoid or solve small problems related to various functioning, security, failures…