The walks

There are arround the villa many choices of walks.

The Luberon is a great destination for a walking vacation. There is an extensive and accessible network of walking paths and trails, linking villages that are often just a few miles apart.
You don't have to be a "serious" walker to enjoy hiking in the Luberon. There are trails for people of all abilities, including many hikes which are very suitable for families with younger children.

The countryside is absolutely beautiful with incredible, often unexpected variety. Walking paths take you through farms, vineyards, orchards and woods, past beautifully-restored homes and simple farm dwellings, up on the mountains, through the gorges, alongside massive cliffs. The area surrounding the Luberon mountains is a designated natural park.

The countryside is rich with bits of history and evidence of life from other times, and on foot you'll discover special places that aren't in the tourist guidebooks. We've come upon prehistoric caves, ancient bories, a Roman oppidium, old mills, 700-year old chapels, and abandoned villages.

The views are breathtaking, often extending 25 miles or more. From various viewpoints, when the conditions are right, you can see Mont Ventoux, Avignon, the edge of the French Alps, Mont St. Victoire, even the Mediterranean Sea. And in between, there is a panorama of Provence spread at your feet.

It is absolutely free, no admission fee! All you really need are the right pair of shoes, a good map, an adequate supply of water, and of course, a good hiking companion.

Attention, the weather may suddenly change drastically in the Luberon,  so if you intend to go hiking there, make sure to be informed about the weather forecast.

There are several different kinds of trails accross the Luberon:

The national trails or "sentiers de grande randonnée" (GR trails) are long distance trails, kind of the interstate system of French hiking trails. These trails are marked with a red and white blaze. A few "Grande Randonnée" trails (GR4, 6, 9, 92 and 97) pass through the Luberon.

G.R.4 (Méditerranée-Océan) : towards Ventoux-Vallée du Rhône (through Céreste)& Verdon-Grasse (through Manosque)

G.R.6 (Alpes-Océan: towards Montagne de Lure-Sisteron (trough St-Michel- l'Observatoire) & Alpilles-Vallée du Rhône (trough Mérindol)

G.R.9 (Jura-Côte d'Azur) : towards the Ventoux (trough St-Saturnin-les-Apt) & the Méditerranée (trough Mirabeau). Alternatives 92 et 97 (trough and arround of the Luberon).

"Arround of the Luberon "(G.R. 9-92-97).

"Montagne de Lure-Alpilles "(G.R. 6).


A Few of our Favorite Hikes

A Circular Walk from Bonnieux to Lacoste (3 hours). This is a beautiful and easy walk between the neighboring hilltop villages of Bonnieux and Lacoste. From Bonnieux you'll walk through woods, vineyards and farms to reach the small village of Lacoste. You'll walk back to Bonnieux a different way. Read more.

Gorges de Regalon (3-1/2 hours). This is a more challenging and spectacular hike on the south side of the Luberon that takes you through the narrow gorge and then out along the base of the Petit Luberon. In places the walls of the gorge rise almost 100 feet above the path. Read more.

Les Rochers de la Croix de Fer (near Merindol) - a hike up the south side of the Petit Luberon to spectacular views.

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